Freedom Watch

What your elected lawmakers are doing? Everyone has heard about earmarks; look at what your North Carolina representatives are doing.

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  1. Hey Folks I just joined tonight and wanted to let you know that just through my contacts alone I have 63 folks coming to the Fargo Rest in Zebulon next week. I don’t think it will be big enough. Maybe the community center in Wendell would work better?

    We are opening up a shooting range in Warren County Jan 2013. I will be at the mtg wearing a Black Dress shirt with “Frontline Defense” on the left chest. Tan pants.
    My name is Paul Smith.

  2. rwc815 says:

    I am bringing 6 to the meeting and may have a few more showing up.

  3. St8er says:

    I will also be there.

  4. RaDonna says:

    Cannot attend but I have invited our Lenoir County Sheriff, Billy Smith to attend tonight. If he cannot attend we would like to have a meeting in our area pulling our surrounding counties together. Is that possible? I live in Kinston, NC county seat of Lenoir. We can get a large turn out.

  5. jsvinson says:

    Hi, My name is Stephen Vinson and I will be attending tonight. Looks like there will be a large crowd. Will there be a problem with this number of attendees? See you there.

  6. ophelan says:

    Just signed up, wondering if anything new is happening?

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