About MCMM

The Moccasin Creek Minutemen was formed in Zebulon, NC in the fall of 2009. We currently have approximately 100 members and meet the SECOND Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Fargos Steakhouse located at 1007 Shepard School Road in Zebulon.  We provide a way for individuals to become a part of a new wave of “change” that will return our country to a Republic.

We have banded together as the MCMM because some in our country have forgotten the constitution and continue to move in the direction of socialism and eventual implosion.  We will do everything we can do legally to turn our country around and move toward the path our founding fathers intended.  Our primary goal is to educate and inform the public and our membership.  To understand what we truly represent you should read our Mission Statement very carefully.  The day will come when we will call ourselves  patriots; we are on the way to making a difference.  If, after reading, listening and questioning, you would like to join our group, all that has to be done is attend our meetings and become involved.  We use the slogan that we do not charge for patriotism so there are no dues, we just ask for involvement.