Moccasin Creek Minutemen Monthly Meeting-February 12th

It’s that time again, our regular monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12th, 7pm, at Fargo Cattle Co., Zebulon, NC.  As usual, I ask that you come around 6pm to have fellowship, introduce yourself and have a good meal.

We have lots to discuss and we have a secret speaker that is very unique. He will be discussing the 2nd amendment and the Constitution; but his delivery will be with “fire & Brimestone”. Enough said, attend the meeting to hear him and to set an agenda for the Moccasin Creek patriots. We need to do more than have meetings; we need to get involved and that means you.

During the period between our last meeting and now we were instrumental in another patriot group being formed, this one in Johnston County.  Their first meeting had over 20 people and our first meeting four years ago had four or five people.  They are on the right track.  The TV stations wanted interviews with us but we declined; the newspapers wanted us to interview; we turned them down.  We were asked to be on a one hour talk radio show; we turned them down.  This is not what we are about, the 500/600 people that showed up was the story, it was not about the MCMM.  Once again, thanks for coming and I expect you to show up Tuesday night.

Don’t be surprised if one or more of the TV stations shows up; we will treat them with respect but you are the reason we exist.  Thanks for all that you do for your Country and God Bless.

See you at the meeting…………………………..

PS: Be sure to look at the Paul Harvey post; his comments in 1965 are now the norm in 2013.


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