Some of The Franklin County Commissioners do not support the 2ND Amendment Resolution and the “people” need your support at the February 4th meeting. Your showed your support at the MCMM meeting on January 16th and as a result, look at what is happening not just in Franklin County but others as well. As info, I attended the first meeting of a group of 20 plus patriots in Johnston County; it came together as a result of the MCMM meeting. Believe me, this group of patriots are on a roll. You did make a difference.

Franklin County Commissioners to Vote on
2nd Amendment Resolution
February 4, 2013

Please come and show your support for our 2nd Amendment rights!

Help us make Franklin County the 2nd County to pass a 2nd Amendment Resolution.
Sheriff Jerry Jones just issued a letter to the citizens announcing his full support of the 2nd Amendment and now the citizens for Franklin County have petitioned our County Commissioners to approve our Resolution to Preserve and Defend the United States Constitution and North Carolina Constitution .(attached)
Franklin County Commissioner meeting February 4, 2013 @ 7:00pm
113 Market Street, Louisburg NC – County Administration Building (upstairs)

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