A Riot of Intellectual and Moral Confusion

If evolution (or natural selection) ever was, it ain’t no more. If ‘Survival of the fittest’ still worked we wouldn’t be having the following discussion. In a world in which evolution, natural selection or Survival of the fittest actually happened Pacifism would equate to suicide – pre-emptive self-extinction. That may be the best argument ever against Darwinism.

But we (the human race) are infested with pacifists; pitiful little creatures that cower from any and all confrontation, who profess to believe we can all just get along if we simply reject violence. Their existence would be fine and acceptable if they kept their wimpy opinions to themselves and stayed under the bed. But they don’t. Instead, they seek to vilify and undermine those among us that make our slice of the world safe and peaceful.

Example prime:
A recent article at WashingtonPost.com titled ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ has been repealed. ROTC still shouldn’t be on campus -which I am really loathe to link to or quote.

I’ll let Ace of Spades tell you about it:

Some guy named Colman McCarthy, who “directs the Center for Teaching Peace in Washington and teaches courses on nonviolence at four area universities and two high schools”, crams so much stupid into this 800 word piece it has to be a record.

In this guy’s universe, peace, “women’s studies, black studies, and gay and lesbian studies” are important elements of a university’s offering but ROTC classes are academically soft.

Oh McCarthy doesn’t want you to think he doesn’t appreciate and admire those who serve in the military, he thinks they are swell…just like those who serve in the Taliban.

Colman would like for us to think he’s simply trying to propagate world peace and intellectual enlightenment by attacking ROTC programs and our military – and my use of the word ‘attacking’ is quite appropriate. The leftist pacifists have been attacking our military for decades in the name of peace. Their concept of peace. Peace at all costs. Peace at the price of freedom and liberty.

Jonah Goldberg, in a piece at NationalReview.com titled The Moral Mush of Pacifism (from which I stole the title of my post) said:

… the idea that nations cannot wage war for peace is one of the most easily disproved and transparently silly utopian notions out there. The post-WWII peace was bought with a lot of killing and destroying, not with a seminar.

In the pacifist world of Colman McCarthy, peace in the WWII era was achievable without all the fighting and bloodshed. And yes, that’s true in a twisted sorta way: We could all be enjoying peaceful lives under the rule of tyrants right now. As long as you surrender all aspects of your freedom and liberty, do what you’re told when told, expect nothing more than a primitive lifestyle – then yea, peace can be had – in spurts.

But like most Americans, I don’t much care for peace that comes in spurts – at the discretion of others. I prefer my peace as a result of would-be-oppressors being fearful of trying to mess with me. Pacifists, like McCarthy, think they would be satisfied with the ‘peace’ of absolute submission. I suspect that if he spent a little time in China, or Cuba or Iran he would have a different perspective of peace.

As for McCarthy’s insinuations on ROTC curriculum, Victor Davis Hanson exposes the stoopid:
I, I, Me, Me, My, My — for Pacifism!

I think most would accept that an ROTC graduate is more acquainted with history, sciences, and literature than a chicano-studies/black-studies or peace-studies major. As of yet, peace studies has not produced a single work of scholarship, narrative skill, or intellectual imagination anywhere …

Note McCarthy’s passing admiration for the spirit of the U.S. military as well as that of the Taliban (“I admire those who join armies, whether America’s or the Taliban’s”). One force is trying to create consensual government, the other executes gays and non-believers, blows up cultural monuments, hangs and stones women, and on and on. For McCarthy, both are reduced to the same moral plane by virtue of similarly using arms. One could say the same abhorrent thing about the Waffen SS and those who landed at Normandy.

~~ via PajamasMedia

Stephen Green at VodkaPundit:
A Fisking

Yes, we’re going to find out if our Ivy League schools are merely anti-military, or anti-military and hypocritical. I can hardly wait.

OK, so Germany and Japan were special cases, occupied for years. But since those countries actually invented modern city-smashing and civilian-slaughtering, they were very special cases, indeed. Besides, Germany and Japan became much more civilized — thanks in no small part to that hootin’, hollerin’, and killin’ American military.

I’m not sure anyone is telling kids not to join the Peace Corps. But while the Army can build schools just as well as the Peace Corps can, can the Peace Corps defend those schools from vicious predators?

Mike Hendrix at ColdFury.com sums up my feelings on pacifists

… a long time ago, I thought pacifists were at least honorable for having the courage of their convictions; I thought them misguided, but essentially respectable.

I was wrong. Pacifists are cowardly punks, abject and scurvy little pussies whose worldview is a luxury afforded them exclusively by the selfless exertions of better men and women than themselves. They are as loathsome as any other leech; they are probably in some ways more morally reprehensible than the bloodthirsty despots who would exterminate them wholesale without a moment’s remorse, as they cowered in shameful fear awaiting their fate.

far as I’m concerned, McCarthy and his useless ilk will do their most meaningful — in fact, their only — service to the world on the day they depart it.

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